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Aperol cocktail recipes article

Pimm’s cocktails: much more than just the cup

Pimm’s No.1 is a liqueur based on gin. The gin is infused with herbal botanicals, caramelized orange...

Gins 20for 20cocktails article

Everything you need to know about Gin

We explain how gin is made, what different types of gin exist, what the difference is between London gin, Dutch Jenever and American gin.

The most dangerous drinks article

The most dangerous drinks!

The most extreme cocktail drinks, shots and shooters

Difference 20between 20liquors 20or 20liqueurs 0 article

Liqueurs and liquors: what's the difference?

Find out what the difference is between "liqueurs" and "liquors".

The perfect cocktail article

How to make the perfect cocktail

Tips and tricks for a better cocktail

Double decker cocktail thypomgin blog image 0 article

Double decker cocktails Thypomgin

We explain what a double decker cocktail is and how you can prepare it

Why women dont like whiskey 0 article

Why women don't like whiskey

We explain you why women don't like whiskey or scotch

10 most famous movie cocktails blog image article

10 Most Famous Movie Cocktails

Top 10 list with the most famous cocktails as they appeared in movies

Jewel orange juice frozen 50370 article

What type of orange juice to use in cocktails?

Learn about the 4 types of orange juice you could use in a cocktail.

Midori article

Midori: sweeter than sweet?

Everything you need to know about the Japanese liqueur Midori.

Strawberry daiquiri 0 article

Low calorie cocktails

Drink cocktails without gaining weight. Enjoy these 10 low calorie cocktails.

Americano article

Cocktail recipes with Campari

Some nice cocktail recipes made with Campari.

Flaming shot 0 article

Flaming Shot Fail

Which cocktails and shots can be put on fire? Find out here...

Mojito01 article

The real story behind your cocktail

Find out what the story is behind famous cocktails like Mojito, Harvey Wallbanger, Screwdriver, Bloody Mary, Manhattan, Irish Coffee and Gin and Tonic.

Title 20image article

6 cocktails with insect names

Discover which cocktails received their names from insects.